Benefits of CADBuilder

Benefits to Companies

Drawings can be uploaded from any site or office where there is an internet connection and returned in just 48 hours later.

It can act as a service to supplement existing in house teams for peaks in workload or remove operational backlogs. Ideal as an outsourced model aligning costs with revenue as business levels peak and trough.

Save time and money on postage with no lost drawings "in the post." Bespoke file types can be uploaded to suit your business processes and needs.

It is a true “Pay as You Go” service. It does not require any upfront investment and aligns the costs with the revenue. Even the DWG and PDF viewer are free.


It works on standard PC hardware with an internet browser and there is no annual software licence fee.

It is very simple to use so it does not need any time consuming and costly training. Its simplicity makes it quick to roll out across a large number of dispersed office staff and field based teams so that your organisation can immediately benefit from the service.

It enables your field operatives to focus on fee earning and maintenance contract work not time consuming and specialised CAD schematic production. It can improve the quality and accuracy of the reports you produce enhancing customer satisfaction.