About CADBuilder

The CADBuilder service converts hand drawn sketches and site plans into professionally rendered CAD diagrams;

•   Annotation of Existing Plans
•   Asbestos Location Plans
•   Building Layouts
•   Electrical Schematics
•   Fire Plans
•   Legionella Diagrams
•   Measured Surveys


The service is ideal for companies that have a requirement to mass produce reports.

It can act as a service to supplement existing in house teams for peaks in workload or remove operational backlogs. Ideal as an outsourced option aligning costs with revenue as business levels peak and trough.

It is a true “Pay as You Go” service and as such does not require any upfront investment. It works on standard PC hardware with an internet browser and there are no upfront or annual software licence fees.

House Plan Before CADBuilder


House Plan After CADBuilder


Measured Survey Before CADBuilder


Measured Survey After CADBuilder


Fire Plan Before CADBuilder


Fire Plan After CADBuilder